RL Distibuting - Intrusive Scammers

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3 Kirby salesman showed up at my house via RL Distributing in Kent, WA.The 'boss' disappeared while one guy watched (being trained) and the other sweated his *** off (literally) selling the vacumn while taking over my living room.

You could read into all of his questions, simple promos, etc. He even went as low as to talk about his sick mother in law after attempting to connect over *** coincidences. They were there almost 2 hours where I got so irritated and after I told them I wasn't interested numerous times and a fake call to the 'boss'. The main sales guy then insisted on cleaning the matress etc.

I said no it's time TO GO!

Well a total of 2.5 hours later I told them no yet again and to leave. The 'boss' followed me around asking me to buy again dropping from $2200 to $950 where I told him no and it was time for them to go. They left their price list and the 'white book' they called it on my table where it breaks down monthly payments (god forbid they do the math) at the 22.87% interest rate of those low payments of only $36 for 3 years!


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